August 25, 2008

1,the power of mathematics
There are hidden strucutres in natural scene,the direct way for discovering structures and reducing image redundancy is to TRANSFORM an image into a superposition of image components.The following significant tools are good illustration: the Fourier transform, wavelet transforms and various image pyramids like DoG,etc. Through that, the hidden structure or so called "truth" can be explicatly represented.
I am totally amazed at the power and beauty of mathematics, the prophet of science!

2,在bayesian framework下折腾了几天,突然在今天看到Poggio的一篇paper,a feedforward architecture accounts for rapid categorization(PNAS),着实让泡泡爽得浑身发抖~~~:)),惊艳的感觉。
可看出两点:一,道不同不相谋。bayesian framework的vision model不是合我一路的,怎么看怎么不work。二,好文章可以让人三月不知肉味,回味无穷也。三,Poggio曾和Marr同事,一路人呵, It is tempting to visualize that, if Marr live on today, what the hell he would bring us!!!!!sign…..


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